Smartly designed and lightweight, Transcend has proven functionality for faster, easier getaways.
With clean, modern lines and essential qualities seasoned travelers insist upon, 
Transcend ensures you will arrive carefree and in style.


  • Transcend 1
    • The Outsider® handle gives you a flat packing surface on the inside.
  • Transcend 2
    • SpeedThru™ pocket holds small items at security checkpoints.
  • Transcend 3
    • Built-in garment carrier gently folds hanging items to minimize wrinkling.
  • Transcend 4
    • Large front pocket opens wide enough to store a jacket or sweater.
  • Transcend 5
    • Hideaway™ Cargo Net allows for quick storage on carry-ons.
    • Dual mesh pockets on lid keep your little things organized and accessible.

what inspires us?

  • We’ve seen how difficult traveling as a family of four on vacation can be, with everyone carrying their own luggage.

    So we designed our SmartLink™ system which allows you to effortlessly transport two or more bags at once.