What is the Roncato luggage brand all about?

       Three words: Made In Italy.


Having said that, Roncato actually started in the United States. Ok, wait. Don't leave. Let me explain. Antonio Roncato, the founder of Roncato, immigrated from Europe to the U.S. in the 50's. Possessed of Old World skills and faced with a need in his new homeland, Antonio Roncato started making bags for other - presumably Italian - immigrants. So you see, even though production was in the States, the skill set and sensibiilities are definitely European - specifically, the legendary Italian tradition of craftsmanship.

So Roncato started as a one-man affair then grew into a family business. The quality of the bags produced was so good that the family business eventually became a global company. And what did this American company do? It recognized that its core strength was its Italian take on luggage-making and so it went back to Europe. It, in fact, introduced the first luggage assembly line in Europe and became a leading producer of attache cases.

Today, Roncato is every bit the global player with stores in 52 countries. To prove its world class processes Roncato is ISO 9001 certified as well as TUV Rheinland approved.



In the ’50s, after the second world war, Antonio Roncato starts the family business producing bags for emigrants.
Over the next 10 years, the present owner Giovanni Roncato helped his father Antonio and successfully interpreted the requirements of future travelers.
In the ’70s, an assembly line was set up, which was the first in Europe for the luggage sector. This marked an important turning point for Roncato and positioned the company as a leading world producer of attaché cases.
Production grew steadily in the ’80s, and with its well-established experience and ongoing research into innovative products that meet travelers’ requirements, the company offered new items such as nylon and polyester suitcases and duffels, acquiring new market segments. In the twenty years that ensued, the production of synthetic fiber suitcases and attaché cases increased, encouraging substantial growth in the company, which reached its current leading position in the sector.
In the ’90s, Giovanni Roncato’s innovative ideas enabled the company to take a further important step to produce the so-called “hard-shell suitcases” in Italy, in injection-moulded polypropylene, which helped to make Roncato a leading manufacturer in Italy and abroad.
Sphera, the only suitcase to be pushed with one finger, was the great invention of the early ’90s that increased production to over one million items. The years that followed produced products like Teenager, a new, colorful line also for young people, and Venice with its elegant and refined style.
In 2000, a revolution occurred with the Shuttle spinner, the first ’Made in Italy’ product with patents for its tow handle and closing system. In 2004, the light Flexi model, capable of turning 360°, was created to meet the demands of the most discerning travelers.
Since then, RV RONCATO has continuously developed, always offering consumers specific new collections of hard-shell suitcases in polypropylene, a wide range of soft luggage, office utility cases and refined small leather goods.
the 2009 saw the launch of Roncato UNO SL, the top-of-the-range of the company’s current “Made in Italy” production. This extremely functional and refined line in polycarbonate offers an ideal combination of lightness, sturdiness, safety, practicality and design.
The Roncato UNO SL is highly innovative and protected by exclusive industrial property rights.
Polypropylene and polycarbonate suitcases are currently produced at the original production premises.
2012, The evolutionary version of the consolidated Roncato UNO SL collection is the innovative UNO Zip ZSL, the new 4- Wheel spinner with zip closing and integrated TSA-lock. UNO Zip ZSL represents the perfect synergy between lightness and elasticity, functionality and aesthetics. It is the result of a detailed research on advanced materials technologies to reach the lightest spinner Roncato ever made, saving all typical characteristics of elasticity and resistance of the Polycarbonate material. The main distinguishing mark of UNO Zip ZSL is its “diamond tips” shell texture, a functional anti-scratch surface developed to obtain fascinating glares of light. A top-level Made in Italy product with high technology properties and with a bright modern design.
The RV RONCATO brand continues to invest in the research and develop of new products to meet market requirements.
Nowadays, the Roncato family pays great attention to high quality, demonstrated by ISO 9001 certification, “Made in Italy” production, the use of next-generation technologies and strict in-company inspections. The distinguishing value-added features of the Roncato family and RV Roncato include passion and know-how handed down from generation to generation, the pursuit of always genuine products and an increasing focus on the environment and on human relations.
RV RONCATO is currently present in 52 countries around the globe, with various production and logistics premises that cover a total surface area of over 25,000 m2.
Today, Giovanni Roncato and his 4 children, Enrico, Cristiano, Alessandra and Andrea, increasingly believe that R&D, product quality and style, ecological and environmental awareness and highly specialized staff are required to meet all market demands.