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Venice SL Deluxe Roncato’s latest expression of lightweight luggage that performs effortlessly and is built to the highest quality standards. No more worries about weight thanks to the extreme lightness of its frame, specially designed for soft spinner cases which boasts three functional patents in addition to a product design patent. The choice of the best material (light, hard-wearing fabric) and the efficient internal organization are designed to the ever-evolving needs of travelers. Technology and authentic Italian design, together with a superior quality, are the ultimate choice for professional and smart travelers.


Roncato's Venice SL Deluxe Cabin Duffel is an ultra lightweight luggage carry on great for a short trip. Extreme lightweight frame is specially designed for soft spinner cases. Technology and authentic Italian design, together with a superior quality, are the ultimate choice for travelers.



  • Expandable cabin duffle




     400x450d Nylon
     19" x 8" x 12" / 14"
    48 x 20 x 33 / 36 cm
     1890 / 2074 cu. in
    31 / 34 
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RONCATO products are manufactured with special attention to materials and details, meeting high quality standards RONCATO guarantees its products for a period of 10 years against any materials/manufacturing defect. The purchaser is responsible for keeping the warranty certificate and the receipt of purchase necessary for repairing or replacing the product. Bring your bag into RedCap Luggage & Gifts or to locate our Service Centres anywhere in the world, please refer to our website: www.roncato.com or write to infoline@roncatousa.com IMPORTANT: IT IS ESSENTIAL TO INSPECT YOUR LUGGAGE AT THE TIME IT IS RE-DELIVERED BY A TRANSIT COMPANY. IF ANY DAMAGE IS FOUND, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO PLACE A CLAIM WITH THE TRANSIT COMPANY (WHICH IS INSURED FOR ANY DAMAGE TO PASSENGERS’ LUGGAGE) AT THE PLACE OF ARRIVAL, IF POSSIBLE BEFORE CLEARING CUSTOMS. The warranty does not cover any damage due to wear and tear, negligence, abuse or mishandling, exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasion, damage due to the product coming into contact with acids, solvents and water, or any damage during transport caused by transit companies or accidents.


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