Hedgren Inner City Eva S Black

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My Inner City, my Life




Truly iconic & timeless, Hedgren's Inner City bags’ functional design is inspired by the needs of the contemporary urban woman. They are ideal companions for everyday. No matter the bag you’re guaranteed a playful and carefree look – with just a hint of sporty attitude.


The Eva S has 3 compartments and a separate phone pocket.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.



Reference number Hic402s
Dimensions (HxDxW) 22.0 x 10.0 x 32.0 cm (8.66 x 3.94 x 12.6 inch)
Weight 0.42 kg
Volume 7.04l
Main material 40% Nylon 60% polyester
Fabric composition Nylon
Pockets 1X zip pocket
2x internal zip pockets
Organiser Phone pocket
  • Handbag small
  • 2 year warranty
  • chromed metal hanger
  • durable water repellent
  • nylon



Our Warranty Service Hedgren provides a two-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects, which is valid from the date of purchase. If you find such a defect within the warranty period, bring the product to your local Hedgren dealer. Hedgren will repair or replace the product at its own discretion and free of charge. But don’t forget: for your warranty claim to be valid, you must be able to show a proof of purchase in the form of a warranty certificate. This will either have been filled in by the salesperson or accompanied by a receipt along with the date of purchase. Important: the warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product. So, it does not cover damage caused by any of the following: incorrect use, negligence, carelessness, scratches, tearing, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acid or water, normal wear, damage by normal use or transportation damage (at airline companies for example). If the product is damaged due to one of those causes, you can of course still contact your Hedgren dealer. He will provide advice and offer to repair the product against the payment for such repair. Material and production defects found outside the warranty period can similarly be repaired against the payment for such repair (depending on the availability of the parts, that is). Notice: repairs carried out by service centres which are not approved by Hedgren are not covered by this warranty! For further questions, please contact us . Cleaning Your Hedgren Bag Check out the following instructions, in case of emergency only.* Clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth. Do not bleach. Do not soak in water. Hang in a shady place. Avoid moistening the leather parts when cleaning.” Wipe with a soft & dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for the product.” Please check the product details of your particular bag for more customized care instructions! And if all of this doesn’t work, you can always give it to your mother; she will know what to do… And if she doesn't know what to do, there is this... www.wikihow.com/Wash-a-Backpack * Emergencies may include, but are not limited to: coffee spills, luggage conveyer belt dust, cosmetics leaks, globetrotting wear-and-tear.

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