Clemco-Wally Bag

Clemco Products, Inc

At the time, there was not an effective method for keeping clothes and hangers from falling to the bottom of the bag. So Wally took it upon himself to invent a garment bag clamp that would secure hangers at the top of the bag, keeping clothes neat and wrinkle-free. He then patented his invention, known as the WallyLock® hanger clamping system, or Wally® clamp, which continues to be the choice of millions of travelers throughout the world.

Today, WallyBags® is the industry leader in innovative garment bag solutions. Our wide-ranging selection of styles featuring the WallyLock® hanger clamping system offer high quality and superior craftsmanship, from basic garment covers to higher-end travel bags.


Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Use Your Own Hangers

Clothes won't fall to the bottom of the bag with the original Wally® clamp. Our exclusive trademarked design accepts a variety of hangers, and keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

Clamping system design mark is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Durable - Water Repellent - Lightweight

WallyBags® are made with durable, lightweight, and water repellent fabrics that provide all weather protection for your clothes, available in multiple sizes from suit length to gown length.