"Air" is changing travel. With unmatched head support, a washable cover, and soda can size compactibility, this pillow is a no-brainer for the restless and weary traveler.
COMPACT TRAVEL CASE that attaches to bags or purses and allows the pillow to compress to the size of a soda can for quick and convenient packing.. LIGHTWEIGHT INFLATABLE AIR CORE that can be adjusted to your ideal comfort level for long-lasting head support. The environmentally-friendly plastic can be surface cleaned and is wrapped with a removable and machine-washable super-soft velour cover.. LATERAL HEAD STABILIZATION SUPPORTS to prevent your head from falling sideways. If your head tends to fall forward, spin the pillow around backwards and you have a chin rest with full frontal support.. DUPLEX SLIDE-LOCK TOGGLE that can be adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.. SUPER-SOFT VELOUR COVER that comforts your neck, unlike those sharp plastic edges found on other inflatable pillows. The cover is also removable and machine-washable to eliminate germs.. MEDIA POUCH to hold your mp3 player or cell phone while you listen to music hands-free, lap-free, and pocket-free.
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